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70 Going On 100

  Exploring what it takes to live to 100 or beyond ...

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Can We Become Centenarians?

Life is Fun!

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Mission Statement:

   is a positive online community for those who are curious, questioning, and interested in longevity and Becoming Centenarians. Can we "Live to 100" years of age and beyond becomes a goal, and perhaps a life style. What is in your "Bucket List"? Sharing the life we have already lived while exploring Longevity and Aging are issues that matters to those at any age in years. A platform for the energetic writer, the inquisitive traveler, the consummate reporter, creative artists, and the productive mind to share life experiences by contributing your experiences on this site. Founded to explore quality living, health, anti-aging, longevity, and Becoming Centenarians.

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This website is not intended to replace the advice of your physician. You are responsible for your personal health care, and your physician is there to support you in that care. We are not physicians, we are Engineers - we seek Root Cause Solutions, engineers like to solve problems before the Bridge falls down The WHO points out that the health of world is collapsing, which sounds like Falling Down to us.

We try to gather up and point to the Factual Science Literature and doctors and professors who have actually created and used the science and can present it clearly. Then it is up to the Reader - Ultimately the User to make a decision or at least having been provided enough information that the user can ask more intelligent questions.

Add to our community. ... Explorers ...

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, tell us your life's experiences? Would you like to contribute those experiences to our site and share with others? Then this might be your "Forum". We are always looking to add to our contributors, bringing in their fresh stories, life's experiences, happy times, great nutritious recipes, world travels and pictures. True Stories: fashion tips, love stories, family recipes, and life. Add to our community. .. Contribute ..

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for those 65 and Older, are running well over $7 trillion today. Our own curiosity on how to avoid being part of this expense, the drive to live and enjoy life's opportunities - motivates. What are the new understandings of health, nutrition, and the human genomic-based medicine model. Add to our community. .. Explorers ..

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improvements in our understanding of sanitation and human life, human lifespan increased by 50 percent from 50 to 75 years. What is next, as we are now at the molecular level researching life and what it is. There is an overwhelming amount of data being presented - how to sort it out? Add to our community. .. Personal experiences ..

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is not a good choice, it is the responsibility of the individual to practice Preventive medicine. There are many opinions on how to do this today, but it is clear that the basis is our food intake, our attitude, physical exercise, love and relationships, with genetics contributing an estimated 40%. Add to our community. .. Other opinions ..

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, are not just a vehicle for antioxidants; they contain innumerable micronutrients, and carotenoids, many of which have antioxidant properties. It is becoming clear that they play many different roles in metabolism. Micronutrients have effects on Phase I and Phase II biotransformation / detoxification pathways, on cell signaling pathways, and on endogenous antioxidant systems. In many studies, micronutrients have been identified as significant modulators of gene expression and repair. ... Effects of micronutrients on DNA repair ..

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About Us

is a positive online community for seniors who are interested in longevity and becoming centenarians. Living to 100 years of age becomes a goal, and sharing and exploring this goal is an issue that matters to those in the golden years. A platform for the energetic, creative, and productive, to share life experiences by contributing your experiences on this site. Founded to explore quality living, healthy and anti aging, longevity and Becoming Centenarians.