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The Centenarian Diet | ... Day 3 ...

We don't need more Health Care, we need more Health. And this is faulted by modern farming's bad management of soil microbiomes.

The refining of carbohydrates produces very harmful results in three main ways:

  • By the removal of fibre, which directly affects the teeth, stomach, and colon and has important repercussions on the lower venous system.
  • By over-consumption, stemming from the high concentration of carbohydrates by the removal of fibre, this over-consumption causes AGEs and inflammation conditions.
  • By the removal of protein, which dangerously affects the behaviour of gastric acid. (1,2,3,4,5)

Cleave: The Saccharine Disease, 1974 - "Obesity stems from the appetite being deceived by the unnatural concentration present in white flour and in sugar, so that a person eats too much." (6)


  • Start the day as recommended on this site's Breakfast routine. Water and fortified juice, a good quality tomato juice or your own concoction if you are a juicer. Or, vegetable smoothie from the garden, cucumber, tomato, celery, and some greens like spinach, and half an orange with peel (90% water, but peel will thicken slightly). Blend with water, potassium citrate, and ascorbic acid. See ... smoothie. This replaces snacking throughout the day.
  • Firsherman's delight today, 3-4 oz of wild caught salmon sauteed in pastured butter, (Monterey Fay Aquarium - SeafoodWatch) crust with Macadamia nuts, then cover with 3 oz spinach and 3 oz baby mixed greens. Let steam cook until greens are wilted. All carbohydrates are from vegetables, and some from the dairy. No added carbohydrates or starchy vegetables, grains, or legumes.
  • Today, French Pressed Coffee (Note 1) with cream, No Coffee-mate - Nestle or other synthetic sweetened processed food. Just real coffee, tea, or herb tea such as fresh ginger and turmeric steeped for 5 minutes, then add a high quality raw milk, cream, or butter. Coffee Recipe: Fat-Burning Man - Abel James - Wild Diet Approved.

    Dinner: - Optional

  • Fresh oyster 4-5 shooters with a hot sauce. Saute up some chopped celery, onions, a large pepper then about 2 cups of greens in pastured butter. Or steam the veggies, but top dress with olive oil, as many vitamins are fat soluable and need to be eaten with oil and fats. i.e. 2 cups of steamed Broccoli topped with 1-2 ozs of EVOO.

    Top dress with chopped rosemary and Mexican oregano as we are after Polyphenols. These represent a new class of vitamins we designate as Longevity Vitamins.

  • Fermented beverages, Kombutcha from teas, Kvass from grains or vegetables, (13) or Wines from grapes.


  1. All meals and snacks are optional. Eating healthy fats and eliminating unnecessary carbs and getting net carbs below 75 g/d eliminates the constant-eating hunger sensation. TRF - Time Restricted Feeding needs be applied 12-15 hours/day allowing maximum repair and regeneration time. Ref: ... this site - Healthy Brain and Longevity.
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  • Yes! Daily walks, or 1 hour at the gym. Try to get in 10 short intense 30 second intervals, with general weight training. At home use free weights.
  • If you work, get a stand-up desk. Even for the home.


Preparing for the Future | You cannot get there Sick

"Not one single person will be cured of heart disease, pulmonary disease, stroke, arthritis, obesity and, of course diabetes and Alzheimer's, with our current medical approach." Medicine as we know it is in trouble. Can we be better doctors than the AMA provides? We certainly can acquire the knowledge to ask better questions. The AMA has failed in their mission. ... OMG - Who Knew ...

Premise for Diet Plan: | Daily thinking ...

With modern availability of foods, we just need to select high nutrient foods to stay on this longevity path, and our body's built in survival mechanism will stay in the background. There is no need to trigger the Triage Theory mechanism within our cells if we maintain a constant flow of micronutrients and a balance of macronutrients. The Centenarian Diet is based on this premises. This site investigates and reflects this view.

    Diet Outline:

    Premise: Eat Real Foods, of the 600,000 foods on the market 80% are no longer real foods, which means it is getting harder to find real foods. Ref: FAT Chance - Dr. Robert Lustig. and the Institute for Responsible Nutrition.
  1. Meat, Seafood, great sources for macronutrients and micronutrients but little fiber. With our large brain using 20% of metabolic energy (more when sleeping), and requiring DHA and EPA omega 3's, meat and seafood present an excellent source of proteins and fats. Our soft diet makes these macronutrients more available.
  2. Vegetables, great source for macronutrients and micronutrients and fiber. The symbiosis of the human organism, gut organism, and the environment, requires eating everything in sight, locally and seasonally. The body needs a large variety of plant food sources to feed our metabolism and our gut microbiome.
  3. Seasonal - Eggs, eggs are a special class. Eggs produce a Complete living organism. With the chicken egg the embryo gets much of its calcium C++ from the shell to build the animal. But, our paleo ancestors only had eggs available part of the year (mating/brooding cycles) and they were hard to get. This is our modern advantage in nutrition, as we can get eggs year around. The idea is to avoid Triage Theory, the body's triage response to nutrient shortages.
  4. Seasonal - Fruits, Seeds (Nuts, Grains), once upon a time these were only available part of the year. In the modern age, these are available year round and this is our modern advantage, and our modern downfall, we have hybridized for sweetness. If we manage this category properly, we can avoid triggering the Triage Theory mechanism within our cells.
  5. Carbohydrates, Fiber, the soft food diet. High source of energy and gut feeding fiber, (Ref. "prebiotic inulin-type fructans enhance calcium and magnesium absorption") which are eaten raw, cooked, baked, soaked, or fermented. A Porridge approach, where everything is gathered and used. Tubers, and seeds (legumes, nuts, grains) are eaten raw, cooked, soaked, or fermented.
  6. Fermented Foods, "The Smart Opportunists" when walking around your neighborhood and if starving, rotten fruits and vegetables look good.
  7. Sleep, Exercise, Stress and Fasting, Yes! Humans run on carbohydrate and fat energy everything else is a building block. Sleep is DNA repair time and the brain energy use goes up. (15) Exercise is Stress and the body has a inflammatory response which turns on genes that rebuild and repair. This built in inflammatory response is important to our health.
    If you're not hungry, then do not eat. Fasting has been shown to reduce aging and all inflammation diseases. Think of winter time when food was scarce as an example of what our ancestors dealt with. They had to rely on natural underground tubers, bugs, and running down animals for foods, or feeding off tidal pools and marshlands.




  1. A cup of coffee has about 2g of fiber, and hundreds of micronutrients. The French press will get more fiber from the bean and all oils and Polyphenols. A French press is also good for steeping spiced herbal drinks, ex. 3 thin slices of ginger and turmeric and let steep for 10 minutes, and perfect.
  2. Kimchi, a reddish fermented cabbage (and sometimes radish) dish—made with a mix of garlic, salt, vinegar, chile peppers, and other spices—is served at every meal, either alone or mixed with rice or noodles. And it's part of a high-fiber, low-fat diet that has kept obesity at bay in Korea. Kimchi also is used in everything from soups to pancakes, and as a topping on pizza and burgers. (20 - Sauerkraut is almost ancestral to most Americans and fermented Sauerkraut recipes go back 1000's or years. (20a) All fermented foods have a history in our paleo past.
  3. There are some heavy metal pollution in dark chocolate. Currently the polyphenols in chocolate are a big health benefit but heavy metal pollution is an issue and Mars, Hershey, See's, etc. are being sued. (21) (22,22a,22b)


living to 100
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Curbing Cancer's Sweet Tooth

Dr. Tan is introducing Veterans with advanced cancer to a ketogenic LCHF - (high-fat, adequate-protein, low-carbohydrate) diet. This eating plan starves cancer cells while still meeting a patient's nutritional needs.

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