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Marilyn's Column | Nov/2016

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Contributor - Julie Gale
who is a modern Bio-Hacker, and an avocate of LCHF and Paleo lifestyle.

   Julie Gale from the UK. She writes on her own Bio-Hacking and of her own medical issues and how she cured herself ... In her own words ...

or her Group - facebook LCHF Paleo Keto Support UK, where she can be reached for questions and answers, or join and contribute to the group ...

Julie Gale - LCHF Paleo Keto Support UK | July/2017

45 years of Intestinal Problems:

Here is my Bio-Hacking experience with Gut Health Problems and Medical Issues. Although I am very serious about the subject of LCHF etc., I am not an academic, indeed, my education was truncated by WWII and finished at 15 with only a year of art college. So in the king's "Proper English", my story. It started like this ....

Bio-Hacking | at age 80

When we were young that might have meant Lizzie Borden or the London Victorian Ripper. But not now, now it means finding out how to make your own body work properly. Bio Hacking is becoming a popular tool today. It means taking charge of your own health because try as you might, todays doctors don't seem to know how to help you let alone cure you. At the age of 80 I had to Body Hack and find a way that the last few years of my life might be lived in healthful comfort. One of many goals ... this, this ..., and this ....

Some forty-five years ago I had a severe gastritis attack. I was so ill the doctor was called, in the days when you could “Be in bed with the Doctor” because you were too ill to go to the surgery. Ah, those were the days. He looked as I was squirming in pain and said ... I would get over it and stalked off. Well I suppose he was right, it lasted a fortnight of intense pain and, I think, damaged my gut so badly that I had Irritable Bowel Syndrome from then on. (Note 1,2,3) Within a year I started having bad bouts of incapacitating Diarrhea. It has continued and got worse over the last 45 odd years.

My health history is like many, pain in the gut area which being a woman was not put down to gut but “Women’s Problems” Over the year’s laparoscopies that found nothing, I had bits removed, shored up with netting they now think might have been a bad idea, twice. More recently a stomach ulcer, Hiatus Hernia, and a gallbladder removal. In between, I had two new knee replacement with arthritis being the cause. I am so sorry to bore you with all this but you see when I started Body Hacking, I found that it could all be traced to the same cause. Yes even the knees.

I have had to be a bit of a detective. Earlier in life, I had been trained as a Physical Training Instructor in the Air Force. Luckily anatomy and physiology stay the same but diet changes, The SAD arose after WWII. So, from eating three good meals a day consisting of all three nutrients it swung to low fat, high carbs plenty of protein, i.e. SAD/SWD - Standard Western Diet. This has played merry hell with my anatomy and physiology and almost everybody else's as well. This is what I discovered as I started my Bio-Hack.

My gut, never being able to recover went from bad to worse. My microbiome must have been depleted and worse my gut must have been almost see through with leaky gut. This is because I had become ‘Wheat Sensitive’. Following the trail I must have caused Autoimmune diseases some of which I may not have yet realized I have. First to go were my knees with arthritis. I had some sports damage in one knee but it happened in both. I had started attacking myself. St Thomas’ hospital where I happened to work on computers told me “I had an incredibly wobbly kneecap”. Only the first of the stupid things doctors were going to say to me over the years. Pain persisted and got worse until in my early 50's I had my two knee replacements. (Note: Doctors are trained in Medicine by Chemistry - not Nutrition and "Root Cause Medicine")

I also had numerous operations in the abdomen none of which seem to stop the pain. Time went by and I retired at 60. In my seventies I had my gallbladder removed. I found I had "Low thyroid" which gave symptoms of ME, weakness and being tired. Later it was found I had a stomach ulcer and a Hiatus Hernia. Now the doctors at this last incident gave the advice to cure the ulcer ‘with a special diet’. I was given a list of thing NOT to eat including fatty meals. I did the diet to the letter and it was found that the ulcer had completely healed. (Note 4) I was told the hernia would always be there. But this method of cure was what later set me Bio Hacking.

About two years ago pains in my gut got worse and I had rectum bleeds. I thought as most would this was my last call. I had scans that came back with no answer, nothing wrong not even diverticulitis. Good news but ... I had asked for over forty years what is wrong with me, why the pain and IBS? At this time they would not even agree it was IBS, I called it that myself. Ref: ... Prof. McGerk's Mom - Irritable Bowel Syndrome, IBS | Contributor July/2017. Despondency and despair set in until I remembered the ulcer being cured by diet. I asked my GP if diet could help but they had no answer for me except PPI pills and pain killers. I said that I had been thinking of not eating bread and was told it was worth a try.

Becoming | My Own Doctor

I realized I had to be my own physician as so many of us are doing today. Become a researcher on the internet the doctors so despised. I studied day and night for three months, listening to lectures, reading articles, teaching myself to use Facebook and YouTube. I bought as many books on Amazon Kindle as I could afford and did any free webinar or summit. I did free courses on Futurelearn (Note 5) from universities on Physiology, The Abdomen, heart and liver. Also on Obesity and foods. The sum of all this study was to realize what we had been told to eat WAS ALL WRONG! It had screwed up my whole metabolism, ripped my gut to bits and cause several autoimmune diseases. If I carried on eating in the same way it would surely finish me off.

ON April 17th 2016 I stopped eating any grains at all particularly wheat. I stopped all sugar. I removed potatoes and tuber vegetables and I threw out most processed products, I bought in meats, fish, dairy, eggs and above ground green vegetables. I made sure they were all high fat and no added sugar where possible. I followed a three meals a day regime. Two weeks later pain in the gut had subsided and the forty years of Diarrhea had stopped. Yay! From being near agoraphobic and incontinent I could go out again. From that day forward I re-started my life. I lost a little weight but mostly my body shape changed for the better. I am very pear shaped. I had been going up and down stairs like the old lady. I was, but my arthritis pains subsided and I walked and climbed stairs normally. I just generally felt better indeed I began to feel better than when I was 60. I started to go to Tai Chi lessons.


  1. I would like to tell you more of this discovery and how it has changed my life. I am now keen to help others I constantly see my age and much younger as sick in one way or another as I had been. It is so much more than just doing a Low Carbohydrate High Fat diet and I am learning all the time to tweak my present eating habits. But perhaps for another time. You can find me on and in the pinned post at the top a link to a support group I founded, and direct link to LCHF Paleo Keto Support UK
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