Learning from our other Animals and Environment

D. S. McGerk | September/16

contributor to 70 Going On 100 becoming a centenarian

Topic: Are Humans Just Smart Opportunists?
... Hunter Gathers and Longevity,
... Learning from the Environment

- The Smart Opportunists learns from its symbiosis with the environment, a.k.a Smart Scavengers.

As we walked around our neighborhood, we observe the animals and taste and nibble on everything. All growing young shoots are target for foods. What the animals are eating is easily observed, and what they eat we as humans can eat or at least taste. Through 1,000s of years we sample our environment, what doesn't make us sick becomes a food source.

Food is Medicine - Nutrition is Not Alternative Medicine

We learned that the Tips of growning plants are tender and nutritious. (1)

Our symbotic relationship with the world around us is Obligative. We can not live without this symbiosis. We learn from our environment and always have.

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