Aging and Longevity - is Future Nutrition a Mute Point or Imortant?

D. S. McGerk | February/2017

Topic: What is the Future of Nutrition, and is it Important?

What is the Future of Nutrition, and is it Important? - This is a matter of perspective. If our "Brain" gets attached to the "Cloud" and then we are "Uploaded", then we might not need a physical body. If on the other hand we look at "Aging" as a disease, then nutrition is important. Aging with our health intact requires knowing how our body's "Metabolism" functions and how to keep is at optimum performance. Aging then becomes a disease requiring intervention and a great deal of self-control.

   ... may be a Moot Point.

Attaching to the "Cloud" - the Brain Cloud Connection

How to Create a Mind - by Ray Kurzweil . According to Ray Kurtzweil, we will become attached to the "Cloud" and the "Brain Cloud Connection" will be real. We will see the emergence of Homo cloudus sapiens in 2029, and by 2045 Cloudus complexanus pluggedensis.

As chief architect at Google, he explains ... Ray Kurzweil - How technology will change the near future | July/2016. Ray describes the law of exponential growth and why predictions can be made ... Ray Kurzweil - Immortality By 2045 / Global Future 2045 | January/2015.

Ray says that we are already connected to the "Cloud" now through our technology, for example, our smart phone. This smart phone is an extremely powerful computer that connects to the cloud and then directly to our Social Life, education, business, and financial resources. Taking the next step and transplanting this technology into our brain will directly link the "Brain" to the "Cloud".

The brain will evolve into the cloud - emergence of homo cloudus and cloudus complexanus pluggedensis.
Mootus Pointus - Cloudus complexanus pluggedensis, bodyless needs only electricity.
Ray Kurzweil - Exponential power use, in 1000 years will require the entire energy output of the Sun.

in the cloud we do not need a body, we just need to worry about power outages.

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Curing the disease of "Aging"

Aubrey de Grey - sens research foundation , and it is a Metabolic disease. Currently there is no real medicine that postpones or slows down this metabolic aging disease. Aubrey de Grey discusses aging and the outlook of curing this disease of aging ... Aubrey de Grey - Immortality Within Our Reach | January/2015.

According to Aubrey de Grey the gerontology approach is massively complex. Audrey thinks of aging in the terms of "Repair and Maintenance" as that approach really works and he discusses this in a talk at google ... Aubrey de Grey: "Ending Aging" | Talks at Google | April/2014 and the short form ... Seeking immortality: Aubrey de Grey at TEDxSalford | March/2014

How do you do the Maintenance and Repair - i.e. Damage Control? Gerontologists has been discussing the primary dysfunctions of the human body for the last 40 years, which are Cell loss - cell atrophy, Mitochondrial mutations, and Extracellular junk. Aubrey says the human body is a machine Much like a Car, and once we understand the metabolic pathways and their functions, we will be able to make repairs. Metabolism causes damage → Damage causes → Pathology, i.e. the human body is a machine, understanding the machine and we can restore the function.

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Ok - Now What?

which ever option you want to use, you cannot get to the future if you are sick. Nutrition is Important, if you want to get to the future to benefit from these new technologies you need to optimize your nutrition now - OMG - You cannot get to the future Sick.

We have discussed Metabolism and many Damage Control Pathways on this site 70GoingOn100. We want to work on our Health and Nutrition and Health Span will take care of itself, a healthy lifespan.

    The "How" of Preventative Maintenance - the 4 "R's"

  1. Replace - when cells atrophy, we need to insure that the stem cell replacement and cell division mechanisms are funtional, this is an area of extensive research.
  2. Remove - the body's Nutrition Immunity system | contributor, Jan/2017 is an important function of the immune system response that actively kills pathogens, turns on Suicide Genes, rebuilds Telomerase/ALT gene deletion plus stem cell reseeding. Eliminating Death-resistant cells, such as cancers. Clean up junk, such as cardiovascular plaque.
  3. Repair - stiffening of arteries and chemical matrixes that are at damaging. Even "Teeth" as it turns out can be repaired by our own stem cells.
  4. Reinforce - this can be as simple as nutrition but with the SAD at work, we see that this is not simple. Making our cells "Robust" is our aim. Division-obsessed cells like cancers need to be stopped, mitochondrial mutations found and sent to repair.

are the primary effort of every living animal on this planet. Even plants must seek nutrition and fertile soils with a living microbiome - soil health, to thrive. Humans are no different, as we sometimes forget why we eat. We carry our own microbiome - guts and are seeking Energy for survival, and Nutrition for growth and disease control. Supplying the body with proper nutrition is our reason for eating. ... D. S. McGerk | contributor, april/16. ... Dr. Jeanne Sept - What's Cooking? The Meat and Potatoes of Human Evolution | july/2013. (40) Dr. Richard Wrangham - ... Catching Fire: How Cooking Made Us Human | february/13. (41) The rise of Omega 6 fats, and where did the Omega 3's go from our food sources ... D. S. McGerk | contributor, may/2016

is where we stand. OMG - We cannot get to the future Sick; therefore, if we apply the Dr. Ames' - Triage Theory and aim high ...

The following actions must be considered:

Simple solution, avoid carbohydrates as they offer no known nutritional benefits. Carbohydrates are however packaged in food source organisms that do provide Longevity Vitamins, Our foods provide Phytonutrients, macronutrients, micronutrients (for critical DNA repair) (R1), Polyphenols, Phytosterols, Flavonoids, Lignans, Antioxidants, and Carotenoids, that do allow life to continue. Ref: 100 richest dietary sources of polyphenols. (Resource 1,2,3)

Certainly avoid processed carbohydrates, fats and oils, and packaged processed foods. A direct result of too many carbohydrates is Insulin Resistance functional manifested as Carbohydrate Intolerance. Dr. Volek discusses his current views on the benefits of a LCHF plan - Health-Promoting Effects of a Low-Carbohydrate Lifestyle | july/2016 and this site follows this type of plan with the addition of Dr. Ames' "Triage Theory", hence, ... the Centenarian Diet.

New evidence pushes our modernization of diet and tools back to 1.5 million years ago. Our diet changed to high nutrient energy dense meat, making and controlling fire and cooking on formed clay plates go back 1.2 million years. Plant foods became less important and the shrinkage of our intestines shows this and we no longer need long digestive tracts. A freelance youTube video summarizes ... New History of Humanity - Astounding Scientific Discoveries | May/2013.

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