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There is no amount of Medicine by Chemistry - that will cure a Bad Diet, your in charge, so take it." ... 70GoingOn100.

Mortality, the Options, Responsibilities, and Realities

Aging and End of LIfe are issues that everyone will deal with. There are two "Theories of how we Age" for consideration. Extrinsic determinants - aging results from damage to cells and tissues from harmful environmental factors. Intrinsic determinants - Aging is a genetic program. Modern science is now trying to answer these theories. The second theory has been discredited, so that leaves extrinsic determinants and the rise of Nutrigenetics and Epigenetics. Diet and lifestyle play a important part in our choices for end of life.

Harvard's Longwood Video Seminar Series, has a good discussion on end of live choices in addition to your "Bucket List". A Better Ending : A new beginning for the end of life | March/2016 . This lecture is a starting point for asking questions.

The 21th Century Environment -

Living to 100 and living at home for seniors.
Home Improvement Assistance Programs for Seniors, Huffington Post the Blog, by Jim T. Miller.

Two out of three seniors would prefer to be home for their end of life, but this is not the reality. End of life can be expensive and causes heavy concerns on individuals and family. This is changing and we have more choices today for "Home Care". Family and doctors should discuss their options. If the doctor does not, then the individual and family must take charge.

    Medical Choices:

  1. Life-Prolonging Care: CPR, Ventilators, ICU.
  2. Limited Care: Hospitalization, IV Medicines, No ICU.
  3. Comfort Care: Hospice Care, Symptom Relief, No Hospitalization.

    Living Alone:

  1. Safety first: One of the most important tools when living alone is a safety alert system, or tin can and string to the neighbor.
  2. Social connections: Being in contact with others is as vital and important as your health care, not to mention keeping the brain active.
  3. Services: Living within walking distance is good, because when you're no longer able to drive or manage once-routine activities such as housecleaning or shopping, it's time to turn to convenience services.

The 20th Century Environment -

Our understanding of how we live together has given us better health in several ways. We have eliminated childhood diseases. The development of waste removal and treatment, and clean water have eliminated many harmful bacteria from our food chain. Higher education has improved our understanding of the environment. Modern refrigeration and food safety laws allow us to be safer. The Uniform Building Codes (UBC) has improved the safety of the manmade structures around us.

The modern industrial world produces 80,000 chemicals that get into our environment. According to the US government, only about 200 have been tested as carcinogens. In 1991, the government did set standards within the EPA, but testing is only done when warranted. (1)

The Modern Home

Our home is a sanctuary and with the UBC (Uniform Building Code), our houses, and buildings are safer. NTSB has improved travel safety and individual safety. Organized governments have provided protection and safety for its citizens.

One in three seniors will fall down every year, and this is a reality. (2) Therefore, your home needs to be cleared of obstructions and add support devices as needed. Exercise in order to maintain lean muscle mass is important to maintaining cognitive function avoiding delirium.


Anti Aging Nutrition for any Age

are the primary effort of every living animal on this planet. Even plants must seek nutrition and fertile soils with a living microbiome - soil health, to thrive. Humans are no different, as we sometimes forget why we eat. We carry our own microbiome - guts and are seeking Energy for survival, and Nutrition for growth and disease control. Supplying the body with proper nutrition is our reason for eating. ... D. S. McGerk | contributor, april/16. What's Cooking?: The Meat and Potatoes of Human Evolution ... Dr. Jeanne Sept | july/13. (40) Catching Fire: How Cooking Made Us Human ... Dr. Richard Wrangham | february/13. (41) The rise of Omega 6 fats, and where did the Omega 3's go from our food sources ... D. S. McGerk | contributor, may/16

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